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VPS OVZ Box 10
5 CPU Cores
330 GB Storage
$165.00 / month

5 CPU Cores
270 GB Storage
$130.00 / month

4 CPU Cores
225 GB Storage
$110.00 / month

What is VPS hosting?

If you are managing a heavy resource-swallowing web site with an ever-growing number of visitors, hits and file downloads, but cannot afford a dedicated hosting web server solution to handle the expanded load, then explore our cost-effective VPS service.

The VPS Hosting Solution Described

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) offers an isolated hosting environment whereby the entire amount of CPU, RAM, disk space and web traffic resources is allotted to you only – as if you had a dedicated server hosting account.

When you order your VPS from ICT Gurus EA Best Hosting, you are given the possibility to select between 2 leading-edge datacenters – Steadfast in Chicago, United States of America, and Pulsant in London, UK, and we advise you to select the one closest to your whereabouts, so that you and your web site's visitors can be served quicker.

With ICT Gurus EA Best Hosting's VPSs, you can choose an OS and install your own software (you are granted complete root-level access). Besides, you can restart your private virtual web hosting server at any given moment, keep an eye on the resource consumption and monitor your traffic statistics in real time. You can pick between OpenVZ and KVM VPS hosting plans, and if you need assistance in handling your private virtual hosting server, you can try the additional managed services provided by us.

ICT Gurus EA Best Hosting VPSs – A Hosting Solution Suited to Your Needs

For the sake of clients with data-rich sites, at ICT Gurus EA Best Hosting we offer the Memcached distributed memory caching system and the Varnish Cache web application accelerator, which will tremendously speed up your web site and decrease the load on the server. It's worth pointing out that ICT Gurus EA Best Hosting's VPS services offer PostgreSQL, InnoDB and NodeJS support, so power users can get all the flexibility and high-level tools they require.